Does Steel Siding Increase Home Value? Wasilla, AK



Will Steel Siding Increase the Value of Your Home in Wasilla, AK?

Siding Contractors Wasilla AKThere are many siding options available for your home, and it’s safe to say that no matter which you choose, having new siding installed will increase your home value. But some siding is better than others. Compared to vinyl, composite wood, and fiber cement, steel siding from ABC Seamless of Anchorage provides more benefits and can, therefore, increase the value of your home in Wasilla, Alaska, better than other siding options.

Why? Consider that our steel siding is:


Nothing can top the durability of our heavy-gauge, galvanized steel siding. While other types of siding can be chipped or dented by airborne debris, or can warp and crack under extreme temperatures, steel siding will stubbornly maintain its like-new appearance year after year, a substantial benefit for those who own a home in our frigid and often volatile climate.

More Energy Efficient

Our steel siding includes a thick layer of insulation, which can go a long way toward minimizing heat loss from your home. In fact, our siding may even help to lower your monthly energy bills as it will allow your HVAC unit to run more efficiently as it warms your home.


Other types of siding are connected together in prefabricated segments. Where each piece meets, a seam is created. Seams can be problematic as they can allow moisture to seep into the walls and grow mold. But with our seamless design, this risk is eliminated.

When you consider these outstanding benefits, it’s easy to see how our steel siding can increase the value of your home. To learn more, contact ABC Seamless of Anchorage, the premier siding contractor serving the Wasilla, AK, area, today.

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